5 Simple Statements About example Explained

An example of the term "example" is often a couch with a regular fabric, Though several fabrics can be found as options.

The usage of algorithms in policing is a single example in their escalating impact on our lives. And, as their ubiquity spreads, so much too does The controversy all-around whether or not we must always permit ourselves to be so reliant on them – and who, if anybody, is policing their use.

An example of the word "example" can be a troubled Film star acquiring a for a longer period jail term for the reason that more information protection encourages more and more people to remain outside of difficulty.

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Something that serves as a sample of behaviour to generally be imitated (a fantastic example) or not to be imitated (a foul example).

An occasion (as a difficulty to be solved) serving As an example the rule or precept or to work as an training in the application from the rule.

/ɪɡˈzɑːmpəl/ noun 1. a specimen or instance that is definitely usual of the team or list of which it sorts part; sample two. a person, action, matter, etcetera, that's deserving of imitation; sample: you should set an example to your younger kids 3. a precedent, illustration of the principle, or product: an example in a maths guide 4. a punishment or maybe the receiver of the punishment serving or meant to function a warning: the headmaster manufactured an example of him 5.

Something that serves like a pattern of behaviour to get imitated (a fantastic example) or not to be imitated (a bad example).

a. A punishment specified to be a warning or deterrent: noticed the boy's suspension being an example to all college students contemplating breaking the rules.

A case is undoubtedly an motion, an event, or maybe a problem that relates especially to something currently being reviewed, made a decision, or treated: a normal scenario of kid neglect. An illustration clarifies or points out: delivered an illustration of the word in context. A sample is really an precise A part of anything bigger, presented as proof of the standard or mother nature of The complete: gave us a sample of her temper. Specimen frequently denotes an individual, agent member of a bunch or course: This poem is a good specimen of her perform.

Now these items ended up our examples, for the intent that we shouldn't lust after evil issues, as Additionally they lusted.

a little something chosen to point out the nature or character of The remainder; single element or device applied as a sample; standard instance

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